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When I looked at his website I felt excited because he had new technology, he had a great team, he had great experience and great expertise. When I went to the office I felt right at home. The staff is hands down amazing! I’m so happy that I went with this team and the Doctor that I choose. Hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I am so grateful for Kirk Moore’s team!Julie

Dr. Moore was able to put all of my worries at ease. I had no fears, I had no worries. Dr. Moore’s procedure sets itself apart from anyone out there. He is one of the most personable Doctors I have ever met. My results are perfect, the service I received was perfect and I’m 100% satisfied!Sawyer

Dr. Moore was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was really impressed with him and his staff. The night after my procedure I went out and only two days later I was back at work. I’m very happy with my results. I feel more confident and womanly. I have had an awesome experience with Dr. Moore’s office and I would definitely recommend them! Amanda

It really is a pain free procedure. I even went camping the same day after having my breast augmentation. Rapid Recovery is the way to go, I was able to do the things I normally do. The whole staff is amazing! I feel at home when I come here, it’s like I’m coming to see my friends!Cheryl

When I schedule my consultation everyone was so nice and all the questions that I had where answered. After surgery I was out and about doing things the next day, I felt good. I never felt uncomfortable. I’m very happy with my results, I am completely happy with everything Dr. Moore did!Rachel

I am really satisfied with my Breast Augmentation. I did a lot of research, I was looking at different Doctors, and different implants, everything. Dr. Moore knows exactly what he is doing; his procedure is like no other Doctors. I’m supper satisfied with my results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Moore!Savannah

Dr. Moore Is Amazing!

“Words can not explain how pleased I am with my results. It was a pain free procedure I was out and about the night of my surgery! I would recommend Dr. Kirk Moore to anyone in fact my room mate was so impressed with my results she is going to have Dr. Moore do her breast augmentation. I am so happy I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much Dr. Moore you and your work is amazing!”

– Emily


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