Dr. Kirk Moore provides cosmetic injectables to reduce and smooth the lines and wrinkles in your face. There are several types of cosmetic injections that you may receive, based on your individual needs and desires.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, such as JUVÉDERM®, Artefill® and others, are smooth substances used to instantly correct wrinkles around your mouth and nose, and to sculpt facial features without surgery. With just one treatment, you will get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to a year or longer.

Many dermal fillers use substances that are naturally absorbed by the body over time. After the original injection, subsequent injections should be considered as touch-ups. In the same way you arrange bi-annual appointments with a dentist to assure the health of your teeth, you may wish to schedule quarterly meetings with your cosmetic nurse to maintain the youthful appearance of your face with dermal fillers.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a purified protein used to relax the muscles underneath your skin, resulting in a more relaxed, stress-free and youthful look. BOTOX® Cosmetic was approved by the FDA in 2002 for those unpleasant frown lines in between your brows, but it has also been used to treat various medical conditions for over 17 years. BOTOX® can also be used to smooth crow’s feet around the eyes, as well as lines across the forehead and in between your eyes. This same treatment that makes you look younger and fresh can help in many other ways. BOTOX® can help reduce excessive sweating in the palms of your hands, underarms and bottoms of feet while also helping to reduce migraines and headaches; minimize neck, back and shoulder pain; and muscles spasms.

What can I expect when having BOTOX at Just The Right Curves?

BOTOX® is composed of several small injections that are administrated to the problem area by Dr. Kirk Moore or one of our cosmetic nurses. These injections reduce the muscle activity that causes frown lines, relaxing them to ensure that they are temporarily inactive. This is a minimally invasive treatment with no down time, and it does not require anesthesia; however, some patients prefer to numb the area before their treatment. BOTOX® is an office-based procedure that takes very little time to perform and hardly any time for the patient to recover. The actual treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and is shown to last up to 4 months; however, your personal results may vary. You can expect to see the results within a few days and may continuously notice improvement for up to two weeks. Besides the initial redness and light swelling, you should not experience any other irritations.


Like BOTOX®, this injectable wrinkle-eraser smooths forehead lines and wrinkles, diminishes signs of crow’s feet and softens the appearance of frown lines. Xeomin® is injected directly into the affected muscles. Clinical studies suggest that it generally takes 7 days before most people begin to see improvement after an injection; however, keep in mind that everyone is different, and your result may take longer or be shorted than the timeframe listed above.

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Dr. Moore Is Amazing!

“Words can not explain how pleased I am with my results. It was a pain free procedure I was out and about the night of my surgery! I would recommend Dr. Kirk Moore to anyone in fact my room mate was so impressed with my results she is going to have Dr. Moore do her breast augmentation. I am so happy I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much Dr. Moore you and your work is amazing!”

– Emily


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