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We have all seen “fake boobs,” and therefore might assume that breast augmentation will result in unnatural looking breasts. Since most women do not advertise the fact that they have had breast enlargement, if they look natural, you may never know they were altered. A few women want dramatic results and an augmented look, but most women prefer natural-looking enhancement.

Today, women have many choices to make when contemplating breast surgery. Because every woman’s body is different, the options that yield the most natural-looking breasts will vary. There are several factors to consider that will affect the look of your breasts after augmentation, including implant type, size, shape, projection and placement (either behind or in front of the muscle).

Some common problems that detract from the look of augmented breasts include breasts that are too round, rippling, bottoming out, visible implant edges and sagging. It is important to convey to your surgeon what goals you have for surgery so that together you can work out a plan to achieve the most natural-looking results.

Dr. Moore will help you choose the appropriate combination of size, shape and projection for your frame and desired results. You may be seeking more cleavage or lift, more projection out from the body, or more overall fullness. Dr. Moore will help you decide which of these goals match your particular body type and thus how to achieve the most natural-looking results.

With the options and techniques available today, you can achieve larger, more beautiful breasts without an artificial look. The most important thing is finding the look that you desire and a surgeon who will advise you properly on how best to achieve that look.

Which type of breast implant to use is a decision you can make after your confidential consultation. We will answer all your questions and listen to your concerns, and together we can arrive at the best plan of action.

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Dr. Moore Is Amazing!

“Words can not explain how pleased I am with my results. It was a pain free procedure I was out and about the night of my surgery! I would recommend Dr. Kirk Moore to anyone in fact my room mate was so impressed with my results she is going to have Dr. Moore do her breast augmentation. I am so happy I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much Dr. Moore you and your work is amazing!”

– Emily


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