Surgical Services

Breast Augmentation

Did you know that Dr. Moore is one of only a handful of all Plastic Surgeons in the USA to offer a truly “practically pain free, rapid recovery” breast augmentation?

Since 2000, Dr. Moore and his team have helped hundreds of clients with successful breast augmentation. Click here to learn more about Dr. Moore’s Practically Pain Free, Rapid Recovery Procedure!


Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is nose surgery. A nose can be made larger, smaller or re-shaped in a variety of ways.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with the shape of his or her nose is a potential candidate for rhinoplasty nose surgery. Additional candidates include anyone whose nose has been damaged as a result of injury or birth defect. No matter what alteration is undertaken, the end goal is the same – a nose that fits in harmoniously alongside your other facial features. Learn more about Rhinoplasty.


Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is also known as an abdominoplasty. It is a very common and safe procedure.

During a tummy tuck, excess skin and fat is removed from the abdominal wall. The remaining tissue and muscle of the wall is then tightened. The overall effect is a smoother, tighter stomach. Click here to learn how you can have a tighter tummy!


Power Assisted Liposuction

If you have unwanted fat – and it does not respond to diet and exercise – liposuction is probably a good option for you. Liposuction is a surgical procedure where unwanted fat is removed from the body.


Hair Transplant

Dr. Moore constantly strives to be at the forefront of the latest hair transplant, corrective hair transplant surgery, and medical hair loss treatment technology. He is totally dedicated to giving his clients the best hair restoration results possible with the highest level of hair replacement service and care. Click here to learn more about the different hair replacement services Dr. Moore offers.

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