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Rhinoplasty is nose surgery. A nose can be made larger, smaller or re-shaped in a variety of ways.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with the shape of his or her nose is a potential candidate for rhinoplasty nose surgery. Additional candidates include anyone whose nose has been damaged as a result of injury or birth defect. No matter what alteration is undertaken, the end goal is the same – a nose that fits in harmoniously alongside your other facial features. A balanced and symmetrical face is often considered more pleasing and attractive.

Deviated septum correction

Another type of rhinoplasty nose surgery procedure is used to correct deviated septums. A deviated septum is an internal medical condition – often genetic – that results in impaired breathing. Correction involves realigning the passageway to allow air to pass through the nose more freely. We can help diagnose a deviated septum – one of the more common symptoms is snoring – and we can help repair the problem.

Rhinoplasty revision

The third most common type of nose surgery procedure is a rhinoplastic revision. This, basically, is a second nose job. If you’ve had nose surgery and are unhappy with the results, we can help correct the damage. Often, the reason patients are unhappy with any plastic surgery procedure is because the initial surgeon failed to listen to their desires. At Just The Right Curves, we are able to customize your results according to the specific goals you have in mind.

No visible scarring

Most rhinoplasty nose surgery procedures are conducted through the nostrils, so there are never visible scars. In some rare cases, an “open nose” procedure must be done. This is a more complicated procedure, and does require a small incision underneath the nostril bridge, which often results in a small scar.

Rhinoplasty nose surgery is a routine surgical procedure. Normal recovery time is about two weeks. There will be some swelling and soreness. Most patients take some time off from work, because their faces are bandaged during recovery.

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