Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

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Practically Pain Free, Rapid Recovery

Dr. Moore is one of only a handful of all Plastic Surgeons in the USA to offer a truly “practically pain free, rapid recovery” breast augmentation. Since 2000, Dr. Moore and his team have helped thousands of clients with successful breast augmentation.

What is the difference between traditional breast augmentation and Dr. Kirk Moore’s unique, perfected Rapid Recovery? Find out for yourself by reading the comparison below. Once you do you will wonder why they even offer traditional breast augmentation any more.

Rapid Recovery VS. Traditional Augmentation

Rapid Recovery

  • PRACTICALLY NO PAIN: No Prescription Medications needed. You can just use Over-The-Counter Motrin® – that’s it! No druggy side effects, no laying in bed for days in pain.


  • YOUR PAIN: Must be treated with prescription medications for 3-7 days with most cosmetic surgeons

Rapid Recovery

  • 48 HOUR RECOVERY (or LESS!) You can wash your hair and do mild exercise comfortably the SAME DAY. Dr. Moore will have you back at work in 48 hours (and no one need ever know!)


  • LONG RECOVERY TIME: Typically between one to two weeks minimum. You need to book this time off work, and others will know why.

Rapid Recovery

  • SIMPLER + LESS TRAUMATIC = SAFER. This means our procedure diminishes pain, recovery time, scarring and bruising. And therefore it is SAFER for you.


  • MORE DIFFICULT, GREATER RISKS: This deeper, more intrusive traditional surgery can be riskier still if bad clinics short-cut and try and rush through as many operations a week as possible.

If you do decide to go the “traditional” route above then at least you are now armed with these facts so please ask about them when inquiring.

Finally, we perform our procedures in the same stringent clinical conditions that are used in HEART or BRAIN surgery. We don’t have to, but we believe it’s simply the right thing to do for you.


Do Any Of These Questions Apply To Your Circumstances?

  1. Are you concerned about pain, recovery time, and safety for your breast enhancements?
  2. Have you ever secretly wished you had (even slightly) larger breasts?
  3. Do you feel self-conscious about your appearance – have time and gravity taken their toll?
  4. Do you wear padded or ‘lifting’ bras if flat-chested, or to give your breasts more lift?
  5. Are you a mother who’s now showing the ‘downside’ of breast feeding?
  6. Are you experiencing lack of sexual satisfaction, maybe because you lack confidence?
  7. Are you comfortable in a bathing suit, but just wish your breasts were fuller or firmer?

If any of the above sounds familiar, don’t worry, many others have been right where you are now. Thankfully, they found a simple, affordable solution that worked for them, by having a consultation with Dr. Moore and his team. Ready to get started? Simply fill out the form below to request your consultation with Dr. Kirk Moore and his staff to see if his Rapid Recovery is right for you!


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