The weight-loss numbers game: Why you should monitor what you eat

The amount of things you can keep track of – calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fat, trans fat, ranking on the glycemic index – means that dieters can be as precise as they wish about what they are putting into their mouths. Numbers provide not only clarity to people trying to lose weight, but also a valuable framework. Once you know your recommended daily caloric intake, for instance, it’s easier to plot howto best meet that target. It might not be easy to stick to just those foods, but the Read More >

New Breast Lift Procedure

Each year in the U.S., more than 350,000 women go under the knife for breast augmentation, and while statistics show the majority of women are satisfied with the results, there are a number of women who are left feeling disappointed. We met up with a 28-year-old who found herself in that exact predicament. Natasha, who did not want to reveal her last name, had implant surgery when she was 24. “I wasn’t happy with the overall results,” she told “So I started researching. Click Read More >

Top Apps for Healthy Eating

Ever think of making your smart phone your diet coach? Between carting the kids back and forth to school and to all their activities, working and creating meals for the family, who has time to count calories? It’s tough. Especially with so many yummy yogurt and pizza places popping up all over San Ramon. Personally, I admit I’m addicted to Pinkberry (one of the healthier yogurt spots in town — to die for — and Z Pizza, which offers a yummy gluten-free pizza, as does Zachary’s (tastes Read More >

Cosmetic surgery helps people to get ahead at work

A new study has revealed that high flying men and women are using cosmetic surgery to get ahead in their careers. The survey showed that 30 per cent of female executives and 17 per cent of male execs have undergone various cosmetic surgery procedures to help boost their career prospects and gain confidence at work. Click here for the story. Read More >

Fat cells become useful stem cells in tissue reconstruction

A team of researchers from several institutions in Italy isolated and characterized adult fat cell-derived stem cells from patients undergoing lipoaspiration (surgical removal of fat deposits) in order to investigate the ability of the fat cells to maintain their stem cell characteristics in in vitro cultures to the point where once transplanted they could aid in tissue regeneration. Click here for the story. Read More >
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