My Grandmother Encouraged Me to Get Plastic Surgery

If you are considering breast reduction, read this engaging story. Read it even if you are headed in the opposite direction. It's about looking and feeling your best. I can tell you that when I decided to have a breast reduction at age 18 -- for many of the same reasons -- it was my grandmother who first suggested it, and it saved my life. I was a tall, lanky kid, until my chest sprouted into 34Es. At 5-foot-7, 120 pounds, I was carrying around cantaloupes, each melon the size of my head. They Read More >

Healthy Living: Overcoming behavioral issues key to losing weight

You hear a lot about diet and exercise when it comes to losing weight, and for good reason. But make no mistake about it: emotional and behavioral issues are key reasons for gaining and losing weight. That’s why the Backus Weight Loss Center is so passionate about a new program being developed — Weight Management and Wellness — which will include a behavioral health component. The recent Community Health Needs Assessment survey showed Windham and New London counties have major problems Read More >

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Vote: What, if anything, would you change about your body? "I can tell even through your doctor's gown you have a great (butt)," she said. "You probably look great in a pair of jeans. All my life I've wanted to look great in jeans." Click here for the story.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Many fail to heed skin cancer warning signs

Over one million Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer ts year. Most of them are fair skinned persons older than 40. Despite these frightening statistics, many people are not taught how to screen themselves or their loved ones for the warning signs. Click here for the story ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Two types of fat meet in our middles

There are two types of belly fat -one hangs over your belt for all to see and the other is less visible but more dangerous to your health. Visceral fat is stored deep in the belly behind the abdominal wall and surrounds the internal organs. Subcutaneous fat accumulates just under the skin and in front of the abdominal muscles where it is on full display. Both are undesirable, but visceral fat releases dangerous proteins into the blood stream that increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and Read More >

Conservative Breast Implants: Why Smaller Can Be Better

Smaller implants can create a very natural appearance without the attention that can come from having large breasts. Additionally, women who choose more conservative implants avoid many of the problems associated with very large breasts, such as back pain and increased breast sagging. Click here for the story. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Saving for Cosmetic Surgery

To kick start the savings effort, some women devote their tax return to the cosmetic surgery account. This strategy can give a quick boost to the bottom line. Some people with sales jobs deposit their commission checks into the savings account; others contribute holiday bonuses, travel reimbursement checks or tips. A few women have reported using first time home buyer kickbacks from Uncle Sam for cosmetic surgery; still others say they used military sign up or deployment bonuses. Click here for Read More >
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