Diet Detective: What is an antioxidant, anyway?

Believe it or not, oxygen — the very thing you need to survive — can harm you. Think of how the flesh of an apple browns when it’s exposed to air. That’s the effect of oxygen — called oxidation. An antioxidant prevents oxidation. Dipping the cut apple in lemon juice prevents browning. The lemon juice is an antioxidant. Oxidative stress occurs when someone has too many free radicals in his or her body and not enough antioxidants to combat them. Click here for the story. _______________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Older and Younger Women Seek Breast Implants Alike

Age is not a barrier any more as many women go for breast implants. There are those who have always been over conscious of disproportionate bust sizes from early in their teens. With some minor discomfort and pain, a woman can easily move from 32A cup size to a better 32C through breast implants. For some women, the top part of the body hardly feels proportionate to the entire body, but with the implants, not only do they look much normal but fit their bodies perfectly. Click here for the story. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

For a healthy brain, work it out — and challenge it mentally and physically

Welcome to The Brain Fitness Club. It's a window into a growing population in America: adults who are beginning to forget names, telephone numbers and how to drive home, but are aware enough to do something about it whether that's playing word-association games or bowling on a Nintendo Wii. While there's no magic pill for dementia, or even "senior moments," scientists are converging on what makes a brain-healthy lifestyle. And it looks a lot like the Winter Park class and the dozen other brain Read More >

Getting a shapelier butt (Brazilian Style)

Toronto’s Carla Barker didn’t want to shake her booty as much as she wanted to shape it. So the 29-year-old mom subjected herself to a $6,200 body contouring surgery known by its popular name as The Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. “I work out a lot and eat healthy, but I found after I had my daughter that I couldn’t get my body the way it was before,” says Barker, not her real name, who works as a customer service rep and whose daughter is now five years old. “I wanted my butt to be more Read More >

Get a surgeon that will do a nose job right the FIRST time.

Between 5 percent to 15 percent of rhinoplasty patients want revision surgery, according to Dr. Kathy Yu, of Columbia College and Cornell University in New York City, and colleagues. For the study, the researchers had 104 patients -- who were seeking revison surgery in 2008 and 2009 -- complete a questionnaire that asked them to explain why they wanted the second operation. The top three reasons were because of nose tip asymmetry, difficulty breathing or nasal obstruction, and a crooked middle third Read More >

The secret food of a tribe of Indians who regularly run 50+ miles…Some into their 80s!

It looks terrible, but the effects are profound for some. Legend has it that this was the primary source of nourishment for Aztec warriors on their long treks. The Tarahumara Indians in northern Mexico still use this concoction before thier 50 mile + runs. Plus the main ingredient of Iskiate, chia seeds, have 4 times the antioxidants of blueberries. They might actually be the perfect food! Click here for the story. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Why cavemen could hold the key to healthy eating

The idea of eating like a caveman is nothing new. Gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin first published The Stone Age Diet book in 1975, and other researchers have picked up the trail. US-based independent research group Paleobiotics Lab, has also been flagging up the heavy load of prebiotic fibre inulin in our ancestors’ diets, and the benefits it can bring. Like many off-beat new trends, it has been a way of life for a handful of health fanatics for decades. Click ere for the story. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

From saggy pack to six pack!

BLOATED Mayur Padia waddled out of his office with a bulging beer belly - and returned from lunchbreak with a six-pack.   The City worker had a revolutionary liposuction technique called Vaser Hi Def that took less than four hours.   Delighted Mayur, 29, said: "I've been for lunches that lasted longer than that. Click here for the story. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Holding back the years: How the over-50s are turning to tummy tucks to stay in shape

Turning 50 used to mean an end to the pressure of maintaining a perfectly preened appearance. But these days it seems that those who have passed their half century are more determined than ever to keep looking youthful. The over-50s are increasingly turning to cosmetics and even surgery to remain 'toned, tanned and tinted', a survey shows. Click here for the story. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >
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