Woman allegedly took money for implants

We would love to help you look fantastic, but don't be like this woman! NORRKOPING, Sweden, April 29 (UPI) -- A Swedish woman is facing forgery and fraud charges for  borrowing $62,000 in her best friend's name and using it to travel to Thailand for breast implants. Click here for the story. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

When Will “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” Empower Men, Too?

When asked why the vast majority of plastic surgery patients are still female, there was an extended pause, followed by a collective shrugging of shoulders. Robert Singer, a short, balding surgeon who greeted everyone with a kiss on each cheek, took a stab at it: “There are a variety of reasons. Men don’t want to give up control. Click here for the story. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Smiley Faces Foundation photo exhibition shows how kids with cleft palates got a bright new start

  Gazing into the camera, hazel-eyed Ethan Bell looks as poised as any of the A-list stars who model for leading photographer Peter Lindbergh. So it's hard to believe this adorable preschooler, so happy in his own skin, was born with a severe facial disfigurement. A few decades ago, the condition might have blighted his life. In 2010, however, thanks to revolutionary dental, medical and surgical techniques, there is no trace of the problem. Read more: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

World’s First Successful Face Transplant Achieved In Spain

From Five years after a man accidentally blew off most of his face with a gun, 30 doctors at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain provided him with a new face.  The 24-hour surgery that involved removing the entire face of a deceased donor and transferring it to the recipient, was the first entire face transplant ever attempted and it has been, so far, successful. Click  here for the story. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Young women ‘consider cosmetic surgery’

Younger generations are becoming increasingly accepting of cosmetic surgery, according to a recent survey. Research conducted by Girlguiding UK revealed that half of all 16 to 21-year-old girls would consider cosmetic surgery as an option to make positive changes to their appearance. Click here for the article. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Those who have lost weight often turn to their cosmetic surgeon to help them finish their journey.

  Losing weight is tough. 10 pounds is hard. 100 pounds is a challenge on par with almost any challenge in life. So once people have climbed to the top of this mountain they want to look the best they can. Often with the loss of large amounts of weight there is the issue of extra skin, which is unsightly. Thankfully this condition can be corrected. Click here for the story. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Indoor Tanning May Be Addictive

  According to the American Journal of Dermatology, more than 30 million people tan indoors every year; nearly three quarters of them are women between the ages of 16 and 29. Now, is reporting that some tanning habits are considered as an addiction, citing a new study. Click here for the story. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Cosmetic surgery for the formerly obese

  Many obese people do not feel happy even when they have lost weight. They may have managed to shed kilos of fat through surgical intervention such as a gastric band, but they now face an aesthetic problem: they are carrying too much skin on their bodies. In many cases losing weight often means visiting a plastic surgeon later. Click on paragraph for the story. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >
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