Study: Junk food may be as addictive as cocaine

    The findings in a study of animals cannot be directly applied to human obesity, but may help in understanding the condition and in developing therapies to treat it, researchers wrote in the journal "Nature Neuroscience."   The study, involving rats, found that overconsumption of high-calorie food can trigger addiction-like responses in the brain and that high-calorie food can turn rats into compulsive eaters in a laboratory setting, the article said. Click here for the story _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

These three treatments can minimize the damage

So you look in the mirror and see wrinkles. Thankfully, unlike in days past there are things you can do to minimise them. Damage from the sun, cigarettes, and other caustic skin assaulting substances have done some damage. Here are some options for the "elastin challenged." Click here for the article. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

New techniques freeze, zap fat

Theresa Payne tried exercise to burn off fat. When that didn't work, she decided to freeze it off. Payne, of Nashville, underwent the new non-invasive procedure Zeltiq in December, which cooled her back fat to frigid temperatures. She said the results have been striking. "I've lost about a stick of butter on each side of my back," she said. Click on paragraph for the story. _______________________________________________________________________________________________   Read More >

Modern breast implants evolve to latest generation of ‘shaped’

    Shaped implants represent the fourth generation of breast implants. For patients who lack sufficient breast tissue in the lower pole, as well as for mastectomy patients, these shaped implants offer significant benefits, according to Dr. Biggs. "Most patients will be adequately treated with a round implant, but there is a subset of patients who will definitely benefit from a shaped implant," he says. "One of the deficiencies of the shaped implant is that if it rotates, it creates a significant Read More >

Women seek neck muscle lip implants for plumper pouts

      Forget the collagen, for the perfect pout plump for a lip graft using muscle from your neck, according to US cosmetic surgeons. A team at the Aesthetic Surgery Centre in Naples, Florida, claim they have achieved good results in 25 patients. They say the surgery, which can be done at the same time as a facelift, helps defy signs of ageing by making the lips appear fuller and less puckered. Their findings are published in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. Click on paragraph Read More >

New Survey of Facial Plastic Surgeons Shows Continued Rise in Less Invasive Cosmetic Procedures as More Patients Explore New Treatment Options

    The number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures rose 47 percent according to new survey results released by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The results show a continuation of the trend from the previous year, where consumers are opting to have less invasive procedures to look and feel refreshed. The economy is playing a large role in the growing trend. Not only are consumers having less-costly procedures, but 80 percent of physicians surveyed say Read More >

Real life cougars

One of the biggest hits on ABC is a show called Cougar Town, and supposedly takes place here on the Suncoast.  But the make believe world of this television comedy about cougars is not far off from reality. Based on the opening of the show, the rest of the nation probably thinks this is the cougar capital of the United States.  The show features Courtney Cox as a newly divorced mother in her 40's, who tries dating younger guys...the basic definition of a cougar.  But there's much more Read More >
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