How to Prepare Yourself For a Breast Augmentation Surgery

    You’ve thought about it for a long time, and now you are going to do it- breast augmentation surgery. This is an exciting time. You look forward to your new curves and the boost of self esteem. But like anything you should always prepare yourself. Here are some tips.   Click here for the article ____________________________________________________________________________________________________   Read More >

Saline VS Silicone Breast Enhancement: Patients Decide Which Is Best

For patients looking to improve the appearance of their bust line, one of the main decisions they'll need to choose between saline and silicone implants. During the 90s, silicone breast enhancement was thought to cause health issues, but after years of investigation, this connection was found not to exist. This leaves women with two choices, and while a physician may recommend one or the other, the patient make the final decision. Click here for the article _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Avatar-Like 3-D Images Bring Life to Cosmetic Surgery

  The Vectra 3-D from Canfield Imaging Systems takes an image of the face or body with 12 different digital cameras at once, with a resolution of 36 megapixels.  "This 3-D system has a clever interface that constructs a realistic, modifiable image that can be sculpted in the same way that cosmetic surgery would sculpt a nose or a breast. Within minutes, we can see possible surgical results.  In this scenario, a picture is truly worth a thousand words," explains Dr. Kotlus.  On a computer screen, Read More >

What Kind of Plastic Surgery Does Your Region Prefer?

  For instance, the Web site’s search data tracked 55% more searches for rhinoplasty by people in the Northeast than in other areas of the country. And Southerners (people who live in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi and other nearby states) were 30% more likely to search for traditional face lifts and related procedures than in other areas. (Click paragraph to read more.) Read More >

Report compares health county-by-county

  How healthy is the place you live? A new report will tell you where your county ranks vs all the other counties in the lower 48 sates. Released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconson the report covers over 3000 counties. Where does your county rank? Is your home town healthy or hurting? Click here for the article __________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Can chemicals in food make you fat?

    Can all the chemicals that are found in today’s American diet contribute to obesity? Stephen Perrine, the author of The New American Diet  thinks that it can. He argues that plastic pollutants, pesticides, and the use of antibiotics may contribute to your girth around the middle.   Read the article here _________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Male breast reduction on the rise in UK

    Male breast reduction is becoming increasingly popular. It is the 2nd fastest growing cosmetic procedure in all of Britain. Yes, surgery can help solve the "man boobs" problem. BBC News quotes Dr. Grover as saying, “Many men are feeling the pressure from men’s magazines that weren’t even being published five or six years ago. In addition, they are just realizing that they can get something done about (gynecomastia).” ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >
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