Blueberries May Boost Memory

    Want to increase your memory? Want to keep what you have? Blueberries may be part of the key to keeping our brains sharp. In a recent study from the University of Cincinnati wild blueberry juice appeared to help seniors with dementia issues.   So maybe it’s time to head off cognitive degeneration with a glass of nice cool blueberry cocktail. Bottoms up!    Blueberries May Boost Memory (Article)   Read More >

Hormone Fluctuations

Hormones are anything but steady state. It seems that many important hormones, such as progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA, vary widely over short periods of time. What does this mean for measurement and treatment? How important is it to get multiple data points when assessing hormone levels? Hormone Fluctuations (Article) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read More >

Stress May Prompt Tumor Formation

Until now, most researchers believed that more than one cancer-causing mutation needed to take place in a single cell in order for tumors to grow. Tian Xu, from Yale University (Connecticut, USA), and colleagues have discovered that cancer-causing mutations can cooperate to promote tumor development even when they are located in different cells within a tissue. The researchers  used a fruit fly model to study the activity of two genes known to be involved in development of human cancers: a gene Read More >

Common drugs increase risk of stroke and death

Reasons #47 and #48 to avoid antidepressants: They increase your risk of stroke and death. If your immediate reaction is to toss them in the trash or dump them down the toilet, wait just a second. The researchers would like you to know that it's a "relatively small" risk -- so there's no cause for alarm, and, of course, there's no reason to stop taking your meds. Of course that's what they said. No matter how great the risk, or how small the benefit, the best line these scientists can come up with Read More >

Botox: A Cure for Depression?

Botox in the glabellar region? A novel treatment for mood disorders? From Psychology Today There's been a great deal of hue and cry over the proposed "Botax" that's been running through Congress. That's the street name for a suggested 5% levy on elective cosmetic surgery procedures that would, in theory, raise billions per year to fund expanded healthcare. The great majority of the uproar has come from doctors and consumers of cosmetic medicine concerned that the tax would put such procedures Read More >

In this extract from his book Plastic Fantastic, top cosmetic surgeon Dr Dai Davies explains what you should consider before embarking on cosmetic surgery

Taking the plunge? The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a personal one. It should never be made at the suggestion of others, not well meaning friends and relatives and certainly not partners. In fact, most people don't want their partner to have cosmetic surgery but, sadly, some people do consult a surgeon because their partner has teased them or intimated, ‘I might love you more if you looked different'. Of course, this is the wrong reason for having surgery.   We live in a ruthlessly Read More >

Plastic Surgery Poll Reveals Cosmetic Desires

  Plastic surgery is at the top of the wish list for men and women of all ages, according to a new national survey. What procedures do people want most? The answers may surprise you. It’s 2010, and a new poll shows that many Americans want to enter this next decade with whiter teeth and a tighter tummy. Harris Interactive recently conducted a poll through and found that out of more than 2,200 Americans, 54 percent of them would have plastic surgery if they could afford it. Of those Read More >

8 foods to make you beautiful on the outside

8 foods to make you beautiful on the outside Radiant skin, shiny hair, healthy nails and sparkling eyes: Isn't that what every woman wants? Although the skin-care market is brimming with products that promise all of these things, nothing makes you as beautiful on the outside as feeding your insides with a healthy diet. "Your skin is the largest organ in the body," says celebrity nutritionist Paula Simpson. "If you're not nourishing your body with the right nutrients to sustain optimal health, Read More >

Cosmetic Surgery – Is the Cost Stopping You?

  Cosmetic Surgery - Is the Cost Stopping You? “For every person who has undergone a cosmetic procedure, there are at least two more who would like to.” So says J.P. Faber, the editor of a magazine about to be launched called “New You.” With its clearly stated mission to promote cosmetic surgery and encourage people who are considering it to “take action tomorrow,” it’s wise to look at the new publication by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons with a critical eye. Still, it’s Read More >
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