Breast Augmentation – A New You for the New Year

My New Year’s Resolution Is…. This is the time of year when everyone starts thinking about resolutions for a change in their lives.  For most of us, those resolutions tend to be along the lines of losing weight, living a healthier life, entertaining more positive thoughts, or establishing new relationships.  If you find, however, that your New Year’s resolutions tend to fade quickly, maybe it’s time to take more proactive steps in making the right kind of resolutions – the ones you Read More >

Breast Augmentation – Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

You’ve Decided on Breast Augmentation – Now What?  Making the choice to undergo breast augmentation is a life-altering choice, but the important decisions do not end with simply deciding to have the surgery.  Anyone who has ever had the surgery for themselves will tell you that your choice of plastic surgeon can make the difference between a great experience and result or a horrible one.  For that reason, choosing the right plastic surgeon is essential if you want a positive outcome from Read More >

Would You Like to Lose a Pound a Day Safely, Medically Supervised?

Would You Like to Lose a Pound a Day Safely, Medically Supervised? Losing weight is a frustrating proposition for millions of people. They sit with tiny bits of food on their plates, and they feel hungry all the time. The worst part of it is that for some people, no matter how little they eat, they just don’t seem to be able to lose the weight. What’s happening?   The problem stems from the three types of fat in your body:   Structural fat: This is the fat that acts as Read More >

Choosing a Breast Surgeon: Education, Credentials, Experience, Modern Technique (Part 2 of 2)

During your consultation, your surgeon should listen carefully to what you want to accomplish. While the surgeon should guide you about any unrealistic or risky expectations that you may have, you should always feel that the decision about your breast size and shape is yours to make. No surgeon should ever try to convince you to do something you don’t want to do. Visit the doctor’s office to get a feeling of the facilities and the service. When we consult in my office with a new client, we Read More >

Choosing a Breast Surgeon: Education, Credentials, Experience, Modern Technique (Part 1 of 2)

By Dr. Kirk Moore    Choosing a plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation surgery can be nerve-wracking. You’ve heard the horror stories. So, you not only want to make sure that you receive beautiful results, but you want to make sure that you receive the best possible care. What can you do to ensure that your breast enlargement goes perfectly?      Education. First of all, review the reputation of the program where the surgeon studied. He or she should have five years of general Read More >

Breast Implant Sizing and Fitting: Important Elements to Your Satisfaction

If you think the only women who get breast implants are those who want very large breasts, think again! The majority of women who opt for breast augmentation surgery increase their size by only one or two cup sizes. Breast implants are all about “just the right curves.”   While the ultimate decision as to size is very much up to you, it’s your surgeon’s job to help you make an informed decision. When women come to me for a consultation, we measure:   1.         The width of Read More >

Best Kept Secret: Breast Reduction Surgery Often Covered by Insurance

One of the most unfortunate misconceptions about breast reduction surgery is that it is costly, leaving many women to suffer in silence, believing they can’t afford to have the relief they deserve. It shouldn’t be a secret, but for some reason, it is! We hear it all the time: Women don’t realize that their surgery could be covered by insurance.   While breast reduction surgery is performed by a cosmetic/plastic surgeon, it is generally not solely a cosmetic procedure. Women whose breast Read More >

Is Fraxel Laser Treatment Painful?   The amazing results that happen with Fraxel laser treatment have given the procedure a great reputation.  Because of this, more and more people are looking into the Fraxel laser treatment for themselves, anxious to find a solution that can promise younger, fresher-looking skin, as well as significantly diminished fine lines and wrinkles.    But What About the Pain?   Sure – Fraxel laser treatment produces great results for a relatively low cost; but how much pain Read More >

Nonsurgical Face Lift: Facial Fat Grafting a Way to Enhance Youthfulness

Nonsurgical Face Lift: Facial Fat Grafting a Way to Enhance Youthfulness An Interview with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, the Guru of this Procedure Ron Shane, Ph.D., OMD and Jeffry Schafer, M.D., FRSM Known as the “father of fat grafting”, this world-leading expert has been performing facial fat grafting for 25 years. He has achieved remarkable results. Dr. Ellenbogen stated, “I no longer routinely perform a traditional mid-face lift or a SMAS dissection; as it is in some cases unflattering to Read More >

Returning to Your Routine After Breast Augmentation

“How soon after plastic surgery can I….?” This is one of the most common questions plastic surgeons hear from their clients during pre-surgery consultations.  Women who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery are generally anxious to know when their lives will return to normal after the procedure, whether it is buying a bra or lifting over 15 pounds.  Some women might have the luxury of an extended recovery period, if needed.  However, most breast surgery candidates are professionals, Read More >
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