How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I…?

This is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients: “How soon after breast augmentation can I (insert activity here)?” Whether it is buying a bra or lifting over 15 pounds, women who choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery are generally anxious to know when their lives will return to normal after the procedure. When it relates to physical activity or physical strain, I generally tell my patients that it is better to listen to your body’s signals. This is not to say that Read More >

Celebrity Breast Augmentation

Does she or doesn’t she? It seems like the favorite topic of most celebrity gossip magazines is centered on who has had breast augmentation and who hasn’t. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to telltale before and after photos showing who has (seemingly) undergone the surgery. Hollywood – as well as most of the rest of America – certainly enjoys the benefits of plastic surgery. Motherhood, weight gain or loss, and a variety of other factors can change the shape of a woman’s Read More >

Breast Augmentation and Working Out

Many of my clients who decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery are active outdoor enthusiasts. Since my practice is based in one of the most beautiful areas of the country for climbing, hiking, rafting, skiing, and many other outdoor activities, a lot of my patients tend to be concerned about when they can return to their normal workout or exercise routine. As with any major surgery, it is important that you allow your body adequate time to recuperate after breast augmentation. This doesn’t Read More >
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