Breast Augmentation and The Changing Face of Fashion

If you find yourself frustrated while shopping for clothes, you are not alone.  Many of my clients list fashion as one of their top reasons for undergoing breast augmentation surgery. While models on runways in New York City, London, and Paris are typically lithe and generally lacking in abundant curves, the fashions that most women find in department stores seem to be generally made for women who have a B or C cup size. If you have anything less (or more), it can be extremely difficult to find Read More >

Recovery from Breast Augmentation – the Real Facts

Most of my patients who come in for breast augmentation have one comment to say during the days following surgery: “I can’t believe how easy this was!” Although I always attempt to ease their minds during consultation, the extensive blogs and forum postings on the Internet seem to reiterate how difficult it is to recover. Women who do their research find these and are inevitably concerned about such issues as: When can I return to work? How difficult will it be for me to take care of Read More >
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